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HGC Finance Pty Ltd t/a Club Money (“we”/”us”/”our”) endeavour at all times to comply with the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles which together will be referred to in this policy as “Australian Privacy Law.”


This document is a notice required by Australian Privacy Law. It gives you some specific information about how we deal with your privacy which is required before we can process your loan application. For further information about how we deal with your privacy, please read our Privacy Policy documents including our,

General Privacy Policy, Credit Information Privacy Policy and our Hardship Privacy Policy

You can obtain a hard copy of all our Privacy policy documents by writing to us at the above address, or by attending at our office at 140 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria

These policies set out:

  • The kinds of personal information we collect including credit information and, in some cases, sensitive information.
  • How we collect your personal information.
  • How we hold your personal information.
  • The purposes for which we collect, hold, use and disclose your personal information and the entities to which we disclose it
  • Whether we supply your personal information to overseas recipients and if so where they are likely to be located.
  • How you may access your personal information held by us.
  • How you may correct any personal information we hold about you which is incorrect.
  • How you may complain about how we deal with your personal information


By signing, clicking or otherwise acknowledging this document, you are consenting to us and other entities with which we deal, collecting, using, holding and disclosing your personal information, credit information and, in some cases, your sensitive information in the ways described both in our Privacy Policy documents (see above)

If you do not consent to this document, we may not be able to process your loan application, provide other services or otherwise deal with you.

This consent applies whether you are:

  • applying for a loan or other credit product from us;
  • considering providing a guarantee for another person who is applying for a loan or other credit product from us; or
  • applying for a variation in your repayment or other contract terms with us.

By consenting to this document you also agree to us collecting from you sensitive information as described in our Hardship Privacy Policy and holding, using and sharing it as described in that policy.

Sharing your personal and credit information with another Credit Provider

By consenting to this document, you are agreeing to us:

  • sharing the information described in our General Privacy Policy and our Credit Information Privacy Policy with the another credit provider for the purposes described in those policies and
  • accessing, collecting, holding and using such information received from another credit provider for the purposes described in those policies

Contracting with you, contacting you and calling you

By consenting to this document you are agreeing to:

  • any contract, notice, or other written communication with you by us being made by electronic means such as email or facsimile as well as post;
  • accepting other communications from us by telephone or text whether or not you have registered your telephone number with the “Do Not Call” Register; and
  • accepting unsolicited emails from us in relation to your loan, other credit product or other services which we may offer;

and these consents to electronic communication and unsolicited emails can be withdrawn at any time.

Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information that you submit to us may be disclosed to a third party:

  • to the extent necessary, to provide the service you have requested or to meet the purpose for which it was submitted; or if we have informed you of a particular third party to whom it will be disclosed, at the time of collection; or if the disclosure is required by law or permitted by the National Privacy Principles; or at our sole discretion without further notice to you.


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